Kick It Up

Foundation Training

The strong posture program is a series of 15-20 minutes classes that teach you the exercises necessary to make life long postural changes. Good posture helps in all aspects of your daily life and helps promote a healthy spine.  Cost: 7 sessions for $145. and includes an Exercise Ball!

The Strong Posture Program

Take Back Your Body

Tired of making excuses to start exercising? Do you want to get off of the couch but afraid of going to a gym? Then Take Back Your Body is a great program for you! This program is a series of 6 thirty minutes one on one sessions with our fitness coaches to give you a starting point for your fitness journey. This program is designed for beginners but all levels are welcomed.  Cost: 6 sessions for $160 (normally $210).​ Remember...Nothing changes if Nothing changes.

Personal Training

Looking for some additional motivation? Need some guidance on how to get moving with an at home workout routine? Schedule a personal training session with one of our Exercise Specialists! Available in 30 minute ($35) or 1 hour sessions ($65).

Exercise Rehab in St Cloud Minnesota

The exercise department at Minser Chiropractic is offering a new, fun way to shed some pounds with a friend by your side! Grab a buddy and join our exercise specialists for a one hour personal training session that will help you get into shape and have fun doing it! Individual one hour sessions are usually $65 per person, but with “Partner Up and Slim Down”, you and a friend can work out together for just $90 total! Schedule your Partner Up work out session today!

Foundation training is a series of exercises based on integrating the muscular chains of the body. Our exercises begin with the posterior chain of muscles to quickly stabilize your spine and core. All ages and fitness abilities can benefit from this type of training. Cost: 4 sessions for $80.

What We Offer Exercise Rehab in St Cloud

Exercise Rehabilitation

Partner Up and Slim Down

Exercise Rehab - St. Cloud, MN

Need to spice up your exercise routine? Our exercise specialist is here to help you mix up your workouts, work on more advanced exercises, or target a specific area of the body! This program is a more advanced 6 week program designed for those who currently exercise but are bored with their current routine.  It includes 6 sessions of personal training with our exercise specialist and exercises for you to do in the comfort of your home! Cost: $200 (normally $260)

Our doctors and exercise specialists have extensive knowledge on how to get you back to doing the things you love through chiropractic, stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation exercises. We provide you with the tools and resources so you can improve your overall health with at home exercises. Call to schedule your rehabilitation session today!  exercise rehab in st cloud