Thera-Bar, Exercise Rehab


Balance Disc


Backnobber- Exercise Rehab Saint Cloud, MN
Stretch Out Strap, Exercise Rehab in St. Cloud,MN
Exercise Ball

Used to increase flexibility and range of motion in various muscles. Available for $20. 

Foam Roller Exercise Rehab, St. Cloud, MN

The Exercise Department at Minser Chiropractic has many  products that can help improve your well being. Are you looking for ways to improve muscle strength, increase flexibility, and sooth sore muscles? Are you struggling with tennis elbow, Golfers elbow, carpal tunnel or Shin splints? Our exercise specialists can tell you which products work for you! All products are available for sale at the clinic.


Relieves sore muscles, especially great for tight hamstrings, buttocks, and back. Available from $9-$35 .

Stretch Out Strap

Resistance Tubing- Exercise Rehab

Helps improve range of motion, especially in the neck. Available for $20.

Treats Tennis and Golfers elbow. Stretches and strengthens wrist. Available from $33-$48.

Great at home massage tool that allows you to apply compression to sore, tense muscles in any major muscle group.Treats Tennis and Golfers elbow. Stretches and strengthens wrist. Available for $61.

Improves posture and decreases slouching. Available for $43.

Helps relieves pressure while sitting at a desk and helps improve posture. Available for $39.

Foam Roller

Spenco Orthotics St. Cloud, MN

Used to stretch and strengthen various parts of the body. It can increase your balance and improve flexibility. Available for $34.

Used to increase muscle strength for any major muscle group in the body. Available from $33- $48.

Our Products

Posture Medic Minser Chiropractic Clinic

General orthotics designed to put your body back into balance starting with the feet! We have sizes for men, women, and children. Available for $25.

Soft Gym Ball Exercise Rehab


Curved foam roller that can be used to target and relieve specific muscles including Shin splints. Available for $40. 

Resistance Tubing

Soft Gym Ball

Spenco Orthotics

Exercise Ball

Balance Disc, Exercise Rehab
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